Car Care Tips

Whether you’ve just purchased a shiny new Toyota or have one of the millions of older Toyotas still on the road, you want to protect your investment. Thanks to Toyota’s engineering, you know that the company has taken care of a lot of factors, but you can help your Toyota to continue to look great by following a few tips from AAA.

First, whatever maintenance you perform on your car, keep a maintenance log. You can track what you’ve done and, more importantly, know when it’s probably time to check replaceable items like the air filter and the belts.

Does your car feature a fuel injection system? Then make sure you keep the gas tank at least one-quarter full. If not, you may experience fuel line interruptions when you take a corner.

Before you jump in that car and blast the air conditioner, wipers or other accessories, let the engine run for just a few minutes first.

Take a look under the hood once in a while. Look at your engine belts for cracking or looseness.

Of course, get the oil changed once every few thousand miles.

Lastly, take a look at your owner’s manual. It will tell you when to perform checkups and other maintenance appointments. If you take the preventative steps to make sure your car runs properly, you’ll be happy with your car for decades to come.

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